Help Us

This is a volunteer effort. We can use all the help you can provide. Here are some specific ideas.

Promote NoBadTouch on your Blog/Website

If you have a blog, please write a post about the No-Go-Tell technique. Put links to from your front page, or your sidebar. Embed the video. See our downloads section for more details.

Help Improve this Website

There are various ways in which this website can be made more effective.

If you’re a designer, please help us improve the design and look-n-feel of the website. Create buttons/banners that can be used to spread the word and let us know.

If you’re a web developer, you can suggest ways in which we can improve this website. Develop a drupal/joomla plugin which makes it easier to add NoBadTouch buttons to the website. (See our downloads section for examples.) Or some sort of an Android/iPhone app.

Spread the Word

Most important of all – spread the word. Let your friends know. Let parents know. Let schools/teachers know.

Get in touch with us

If you have any suggestions, questions, doubts, or simply want to drop us a note of appreciation, please and get in touch with us.

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